There are many opportunities to donate your time and talent to Shalom House. Consider the list below. If there are other ways you would like to contribute, that’s fine too! We love individual volunteers as well as groups. All are WELCOME! Contact the office with specific details and how to sign up.

Shalom House Retreat Center

I have been volunteering at Shalom House for quite a while. I am always inspired. The staff is an awesome group of loving women and the guests are always so gracious and appreciative. I always go home smiling.

Lee Ann

Shalom House Volunteer

Cooking and Serving Meals, Clean-Up

Shalom House prepares delicious homemade meals for breakfast. lunch and dinner. Serving is buffet style. A commercial dishwasher ensures quick clean up. Recipes from the Shalom House cookbook! What a treat! And you get to meet the guests and enjoy a meal with us as well.

Time Commitment: usually 3 – 4 hours

Gardens and Landscaping

There are established gardens as well as plans for new gardens and landscaping. Typically, volunteers will clean up established beds, create new beds, plant and maintain plants and shrubs.

Time Commitment: great opportunity for a group to spend a full day of fun. Lunch included.

Pond, Trails, and Stations of the Cross

A beautiful natural area encompassing two separate trails, one of which surrounds the pond and has splendid Stations of the Cross and rest areas. This is perfect for our outdoor enthusiasts! Involves maintenance of the paths, Stations of the Cross, footbridges and benches.

Time Commitment: another great opportunity for a group project. Spend the day with us; enjoy a fine lunch and the beauty of the 90-acres property.


Grab your brushes and don your favorite “painting outfit” and join us in sprucing up the interiors of Shalom House. Nothing fancy, just good ole’ fun. We supply the paint; you supply the elbow grease. Lunch included. Our painting priority is to begin painting the bedrooms and bathrooms in the lodges.

Time Commitment: projects can vary in length from 1 day to 3-5 days. Great group activity; lunch included.

Special Events

Calling all Event Coordinators and special events folks! If you like being part of designing and implementing special events, then this is for you! One or two special events, held at Shalom House, are being considered. Volunteers are critical to get these plans implemented.

Time Commitment: These are longer term efforts but so rewarding as we undertake inaugural festivities. Be a part of creating history for Shalom House!

Special Projects

From time to time, we have special projects, typically of a handyman’s efforts. Small to medium jobs. It’s tool belt time.

Time Commitment: depends on the nature of the project – anywhere from one day to several days. Lunch included.